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About us

La Plata means 'silver' in Spanish, and embodies elegance and sophistication. The name originates from Spain's Rio de la Plata River, known for its silvery appearance.

La Plata, a Luxury Silver gifting brand, makes every moment shine!

Enter the alluring world of La Plata, where aspirations adorn new wings. As India's esteemed purveyor of luxury handcrafted
silver plated art pieces for gifting, we curate an eternal symphony of refinement stirring the soul of the discerning consumer with our
exclusive range of products that epitomises modern elegance and draws inspiration from timeless aestheticism.

Our collections, painstakingly created over beats of time by the award-winning master craftsperson employing the finest raw
materials, breathe life into spaces, whispering nostalgia and pride. From vases, sculptures and crockery to dining sets and much more, every product from our captivating line-up is a testimony to our unwavering passion

At La Plata, we also offer bespoke collections to our discerning customers, along with eternal souvenirs for weddings, corporate events, and festive and special occasions. La Plata beckons all the connoisseurs of luxury and the seekers of fine art to partake in a journey of enchantment, where the luxury lifestyle gets its fullest and enduring expression.

Quality & craftsmanshipare our hallmarks

La Plata, an exclusive silver gift and decorative articles brand, is brought to you by Two Brothers Holding Ltd. Established in India in 1995, the company is a pioneer in manufacturing and exporting world-class designer and trendy stainless steel articles creating in the process a niche in the sector with its brand name "a la mode crafted steel.

"An ISO 9001:2015 quality certified and government recognized star
export house, Two Brothers Holding Ltd undertakes manufacturing for renowned buyers like WAL-MART, COSTCO, TARGET, and SAM's CLUB. Its products have successfully passed quality tests such as LFGB Food Safety, Metal Migration, and European Standard parameters through renowned agencies. The company’s manufacturing plant is located in Sonipat district, Haryana.

Two Brothers Holding Limited has developed a global customer base, spanning from Australia to America, including Canada, European countries such as UK, Denmark, Germany, Italy, France, Norway, Spain, and Central Gulf Countries.

Anil Goel, the co-founder of Two Brothers, brings his extensive experience in the designing field to La Plata. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a passion for stainless steel, he curates his own designs that not only showcase his expertise and adds a touch of innovation and artistic flair to La Plata's exquisite collection.

Anil Goel